Masks-etc was born of our passion for African Tribal Arts and Artifacts. From its humble beginnings as a part time endeavor, it has grown to a full time undertaking of two families spanning two continents. Our Gallery-Boutique is based in the vibrant and culturally diverse city of Montreal.

We invite you to come discover with us the great Artisans of Africa whose superbly refined artistic skills have been handed down throughout the ages. African art can help transform your surroundings into a place where one can learn, treasure, and appreciate these works of arts in their individuality as well as their great spirituality. Take a tour of our Gallery-Boutique to view our items in their home.


Masks-etc wishes to offer our friends and clients a readily available portal to the world of affordable genuine and unique African art pieces. Our masks, woodcarvings, ritual objects, fetishes, cloths, and tapestries will certainly add an exotic touch to your personal collection and home decor.

We list new items on a regular basis. If you have any particular requests please contact us. We might just have that special piece.


We travel to Africa on a regular basis to purchase the items we offer. You may find out more about our travels here. We have included pictures so one can get the feel for the energy and beauty of this stunning continent and it's people.

Our Mission

During our travels to Africa, we have come across local community organizations, that have undertaken the difficult and thankless task of alleviating some of the pain and misery in their surroundings. The two main organizations we assist are the Kaoma Chesire community center in Zambia for aids orphans and our newly discovered Centre de Reveil in Lubumbashi, DRC, for war orphans, child soldiers, victims and widows. Take a look at our giving back program.

Thank you!
Basil and Yiannis